Do I get a free introductory period with Starfleet?

Yes, you certainly do – for the first 14 days.

You will not need to pay anything up front and we will not ask for credit card details during this stage.

If you haven’t already, we’d really like to give you a run through on our software first, so you know exactly what’s involved and what you are getting.

If you are already familiar with Starfleet PMS or have had a run through with us, we can also assist you through the initial setup and training.

We do not want to sell you something you have not seen!

Is Starfleet easy to use?

It’s as easy as it gets without compromising the feature set we have in our software.

We often get very positive feedback on how easy it is to train a new receptionist from scratch (typically in under two hours and even less if they have used PMS software before!).

Remember this is native MS Windows based software so most people are familiar with this.


How does your pricing work?

Starfleet works on a unit or “room” which is basically a motel style room with ensuite facilities.

If you have an apartment that can be split into two and each part sold separately that is still one unit to us.

If you have budget accommodation with shared facilities, divide the number of rooms by four to get one unit from a pricing perspective.

If you have other things like storage units, rented offices, car parks, powered or unpowered sites, the same applies.

The one installation can have any combination of these.


Can I add or remove rooms?

Certainly! Rooms, or ‘units’ can be added to or removed at any time.


Do I have to sign any contracts?

Only if you want!

You can sign up with us for a 12-month agreement, which costs less than our month to month or quarterly payment plans.  At the end of any of these choices you can elect to continue or stop with no price penalty.


Does Starfleet provide training?

Yes, we certainly do, and have done for over 20 years.

We wrote the software based on our experience working in properties just like yours.  It’s in both our interests to pass on all of our knowledge and take advantage of all our capabilities, as little or as much as you want.

We see our partnership as a win – win for both of us, and share with you our easy to read, comprehensive and key word searchable documentation.


Can I switch to Starfleet from my old PMS easily?

Yes, you certainly can – and take full advantage of our competitive pricing and comprehensive capabilities.

Depending on who you are switching from, it’s sometimes also possible to transfer data to us from your existing PMS (although there may be a small charge for this).

How about ongoing support?

Definitely, yes! Part of our commitment to you is to provide ongoing support as well as software updates and new features.


Can I add or remove modules later?

Optional modules of our software can be added or removed at any time.

You can start out with just the Front Office system and then add other modules as you go – such as POS, Conference Manager, Channel Managers, External POS suppliers, Door Locks, Tour desk or any other available module.


Are you ready to simplify your booking and reservation system with our intuitive and cost-efficient software?

Are you ready to simplify your booking and reservation system with our intuitive and cost-efficient software?