Why Starfleet Property Management System?

With over 30 years’ experience behind us you get;

  • Proven reliable reservation management package
  • Easy to use yet comprehensive and fully Windows based
  • All our staff have had extensive training and support experience
  • Comprehensive range of software
  • Competitively priced
  • Available either onsite, our Cloud service or Windows 365 Cloud service
  • Support Australian businesses and keep more of your money in Australia!
Some of the features you get with our software are:

Front Office

Starfleet Front Office is an accommodation management software system (PMS) for properties including hotels, motels, resorts, apartments and backpackers. Fully Windows based, you and your staff can now provide guests with comprehensive service and assistance from our competitively priced and easy to use system.

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The Front Office system comprises a comprehensive range of tools to assist you in managing all interactions with guests including:

  • Screen based Room Allocation table to display and manage all aspects of guest stays with charts

  • Housekeeping management including housekeeper reports, room status and out for maintenance room options
  • Comprehensive room rate and package inventory
  • Emailing welcome or confirmation emails and / or SMS to guests
  • Night audit for end of day procedures including generation of selected reports
  • Auto email guests before arrival or after departure with user definable emails
  • Open Item Debtors (Accounts Receivable) to handle corporate and travel agents to trial balance and statement printing
  • Travel Agent management module
  • Print or email guest accounts
  • Retains all data for returning guests or reprinting accounts
  • Search all guest history by name, last stay, company, reservation, phone or account number
  • Comprehensive group management from as small as two guests to hundreds of guests including large conference or coach groups all managed from the screen based Room Allocation screen. Allow for different arrival and check out dates and many different charges automatically from our comprehensive package set up! Then print rooming lists, and check in with a click of a button! Add any individual charges, and at check out time, check the group out just as easy! Each individual room can be updated with the guest name yet still remain linked to the group account
  • Wide range of reports for daily, weekly, monthly or annual reporting including detailed charts


  • Allows for up to five pre defined account folios automatically, or modify them for a specific need
  • Source, area and segment marketing coding on reservations for marketing reports
  • Set up all aspects of property specific details needed for normal use

Point of Sale

The Point of Sale (POS) touch screen system handles a mixture of restaurant, shop, cafe or take away applications with a direct link to the Front Office system for processing charge backs direct to guests.

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The POS system has the capability to do the following:

  • Links to the Starfleet Front Office system to provide either detailed or summarised charge backs to guests
  • Uses Windows based POS PC’s with touch screens, thermal docket printers and cash drawers for minimum cost outlay
  • Can also optionally be used on hand held tablets for portability and ordering at a table
  • Handles different types of POS applications from restaurants, bistros, shops, take away and bars
  • Provides most standard functions found on conventional tills
  • Easy to use and view Restaurant Scheduler, included for restaurant bookings
  • Each POS unit is treated as a separate stock location and each screen can be user defined and set up with three shifts
  • All charges are processed through the Front Office system and can be later transferred via the accounting link to MYOB etc.
  • POS Reports include: Summary Report, Transaction Listing, docket, bar and kitchen print. Reprint if required
  • PC-EFTPOS link now available for integrated connection between Starfleet POS and PC-EFTPOS credit card facilities
  • Includes a Stock Control module with five locations each with full quantity control and comprehensive reporting facilities for both accounting control and management information. Each location can have up to 9 sub-locations. Allows on-line entry of stock adjustments, orders placed, stock transfers and adjustments, comprehensive stock list report including stock value and an order value. Prints audit trail of all entries with totals of orders placed, adjustments, transfers and invoices. Full inquiry facilities with the ability to list all outstanding transactions and status of each location. Includes sales and stock re-order reports. Allows for ‘Happy Hour’ as well as differing prices for each location

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All Channel Managers also provide an optional “Book Now button” for the property to have commission free bookings made directly from their own website.

Currently Starfleet links to the following Channel Managers:



Conference Manager

The Starfleet Conference Manager is an optional add on to the Front Office system.

Now you can quote, plan and report on conference groups in your property, and integrate them with the Front Office Groups module. Enter all your activities and events, and create conference running sheets and list of requirements. Check if a specific venue is available, and book it either tentatively or confirmed. In house guests associated with a particular conference can be handled in Front Office Groups section. 

a. Call Accounting (PABX) Link

Connects to your PABX and allows you to track all telephone calls (including guests). Includes inbuilt call costing module. All calls from guest rooms are costed and charged to the room from which the call originated. Telephone calls can be monitored for local, long distance or international usage. Call statistics can be retained on a charged out value and reported on. Allows limits to be set on each guest’s dollar value of calls. Housekeepers can call a number on the guest’s room phone which marks the room as clean in the Front Office software. Requires a compatible PABX.

b. Internet Data Charging Link

Provides connectivity between an internet connection to guest rooms and the Front Office system. Records and stores all internet charges to a guest’s account.

C. Movielink

Movie link interface provides the facility to charge a guest room account when they access Pay TV.

D. Keycard Module Link

Allows you to write or modify key cards for guests directly from the Front Office system. With some suppliers also enables keys in the guest’s mobile phone. Available with the following suppliers:

  •  KABA / Saflok
  •  Salto
  •  Vingcard Vision
E. External POS Link

Starfleet has a number of bi-directional Point of Sale links to third party Point of Sale (POS) suppliers. This allows them to charge back to the guest providing they are validated, authorised and have not exceeded their account limit. Starfleet can handle up to 4 guests per room and tills up to 12 locations. This includes the following POS suppliers:


F. Credit Card Swipe

Facility to automate the collection of credit card info into Starfleet and minimise errors. This comprises a magnetic card swipe unit (USB connection required).


PC-EFTPOS Link now available not just on our POS software but on all areas including Front Office, Groups, Conference Manager and Tour Desk.

Linkly has built a reputation for seamless integration of payment solutions processing more than 2 billion transactions a year. This makes them Australia and New Zealand’s leading supplier of integrated payment solutions.

H. SMS info

Starfleet links to Message Media who is Australia’s #1 SMS provider and supporting you to deliver reliable SMS messaging to your guests.

I. Review Pro

With Starfleet’s Link to Review Pro, you can transfer data automatically to manage and improve your online reputation with Review Pro’s powerful solutions. Deliver better guest experiences and increase your rankings on review sites and OTAs.

J. Knowcross

KNOW Housekeeping with Knowcross! Streamlines daily housekeeping activities resulting in double-digit improvements in staff productivity, higher guest satisfaction, and a massive reduction in the hotel’s carbon footprint. It receives data from and updates the Starfleet PMS in real-time.

Owner Accounting

The Owner Accounting module enables Owner Accounting statements to each owner including expenses, management costs, income and monies to follow. Enables the easy processing of Owner statements and reconciliation at month end with percentage, fixed or pooled returns to Owners.

Reports include Trial Balance, Monies to follow, Owner expenses, Owner summary with annual revenue and expenses included, Trust receipt and Owner Statement print (itemised).

Tour Desk

This option is for properties that book external tours. Allows user to print tour vouchers for the selected tour while payment can be made on the spot or charged to guest’s room.

Onsite or Cloud Install

Starfleet Software is a Microsoft Windows based product and can be installed on any version of MS Windows from Version 7 up to the current version (note, Windows 7 is no longer officially supported by Microsoft).

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Starfleet also can be used on all Microsoft Server versions 2003 up to the current version. Installation of Starfleet on a Windows based system must be performed correctly or install may not function properly.

If you are not on a Server Domain, you are limited to installing 10 users. If you are on a server domain and you obtain the server version of Starfleet you can run unlimited users.

Home or Home Basic versions of Windows are supported only on one PC and not on a network.

If you are using a version of Starfleet prior to the current version, some features may not be available or generate an error message during the operation of some features.

Starfleet is not designed for Apple or Android products. However, if you have Terminal Services software (or are using Starfleet in the Cloud) you can access Starfleet via remote desktop from these products.

Starfleet can be utilised as an Onsite or Cloud based service.


Starfleet provides secure user password security for all users. All Starfleet modules have multi-level operator password access and security capability.

Management of sensitive data is all secured and meets or exceeds industry standards including PCI-DSS requirements as appropriate.

Are you ready to simplify your booking and reservation system with our intuitive and cost-efficient software?